Behind-The-Scene Highlights


Water is the driving force of 'all nature'. Qayten's new brochure, therefore, puts water at the center-stage with the interplay of light and reflection setting the artistic tone. Capturing the creativity of the jewelry was key. Water in its myriad shapes played the lead role in the editorial photographs. The model immersed in water turns into a water nymph, as the glamorous jewel continue to be caressed by the swirls and ripples.

The jewelry collection is enriched with luminous interpretations that play on the beauty of gems and the gold. Dreams and fantasies wave through the classic collection of rings, earrings and necklaces set with diamonds, sapphires, tanzanites, rubies, tsavorites and pearls, setting an elegant tone. The attention to color comes to the fore in enamel accents that add a contemporary edge. From the working of the precious metals to the shimmer of sparkling gems, each of the design reflects the virtuosity of Qayten.

Photo and Art Director: Mauro Patelli (Lombardi & Patelli Associati)

Videomaker: Luce Narrante

Models: Melinda Tuu (brochure) and Rebecca Vellani (video)

Make up: Lara Ognibene

Costume Designer: Anna Marchetti

Portraits: Silla Guerrini